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Details Regarding Prime Time: 

Please Pay Close Attention to What To Keep In Mind While Registering

What does Prime Time consist of?

As previously mentioned, Prime Time consists of two modules - a training course and a competition. The training course will be spread over three days, with two hours of training on each (adding up to a total of six hours). On the day after the last day of the course, will begin the competition, which will go on for approximately four days. The tournament is on a knockout basis. Hence, Prime Time, in its entirety, goes on for approximately a week.

Purpose of Prime Time:

Prime Time is a nation-wide debating course and tournament with a unique design. It is made especially for the middle school children who are new to debating.

It will be an excellent platform for new debaters between the ages of ten and fourteen to get to learn the basics of the important skills of rebuttal, argumentation, and research which they will find to be of importance not only in debate competitions but also on a daily basis. Prime Time's purpose is to help create the best debaters of tomorrow.

How and when will it be held?

Both the training and competition modules of Prime Time will be hosted on the online collaboration platform “Zoom”.

Prime Time will be held once every three months (subject to change). The most recent edition ended on the 13th of August, 2020. The next (third) season will be held soon.

What to keep in mind while registering:

It is important to note that when registering, participants must register in teams of three - they must form their own teams before registering. Only one member of each team must fill in the registration form - that member must make sure to fill in the details of his/her teammates in the same form. In case one cannot find two other teammates, they can register on their own and we will try our best to assign teammates to them.

Those who register must check their phones and email inboxes regularly throughout the week.

Registrations are on a first-come-first-serve basis. So be quick!

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