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Scroll down to read the testimonials of some of the participants of our first edition.

Testimonials: Resources

The pilot (first) season of Prime Time held between 2nd June, 2020 and 7th June, 2020 consisted of 78 students (26 teams) between the ages of 10 and 14. In a post event feedback form, around 90% of these 78 participants were, "extremely satisfied" with all aspects of the course and tournament with 97.6% of the participants rating the training module of the course a 4 or above out of 5.

Scroll down to read individual testimonials and attestations regarding the first season of Prime Time.

"Dear Rohit and team,

This engagement has been a high quality introduction for middle school into the world of debating. Watching you giving valuable feedback and students seeking you out to review their work, revealed the value of your review and their quest for betterment.
Thanks to your team and to you."

- Mrs. Apoorva Saini - the Assistant Principle of Middle School at Gems Modern Academy. 

"Prime Time was a lovely experience that gave us middle school  students our first taste of debating.
First there were some sessions where students were taught the fundamentals of debating and briefed on speaker roles. I enjoyed these sessions immensely and found them extremely useful.
The motions for the competition were very interesting and at par with the level of the competition. The motions got increasingly harder as students were eliminated but were still were very interesting to research and speak about.

Our adjudicators were fantastic - they all told us the exact criteria that we would be marked on and our judges gave us detailed personal feedback.
I enjoyed Prime Time immensely and I can say on behalf of everyone who participated that we cannot wait
for another round!"

- Ananya Ramkumar of grade 8 in Gems Modern Academy.

"Hats off to you and your team for conducting such a fantastic debate course. Training, email communication back and forth, follow ups - everything was very professional. Thank you for your support in guiding and grooming all students wonderfully. Extremely happy as a mother that Pranav has completed his first debate journey so successfully. Will always remember this exciting competition."

- Mother of Pranav Sivakumar. Pranav  (grade 7 - Gems Modern Academy) was part of the runner up team in the first season of Prime Time.

"I would like to thank Rohit and his team! I never realized how much I love debating before I participated in this program. You have taught me about debating in such a fun way. Thank you for everything!"

- Laiba Adnaan of grade 7 in Gems Modern Academy

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