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Srishti Ghosh

Hello! I’m Srishti, a rising sophomore at Princeton University studying a mix of politics, economics and a few other, interesting things! I started debating in school when I was around 11 years old so it has been a long and winding journey but as you can probably tell, once I started, I never looked back! My debate journey in Dubai culminated with a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to represent the UAE at the Worlds Schools Competition in Bangkok. As a member of the Princeton Debate Panel, I have since been active on the varsity circuit, debating a variety of debate styles including American and British Parliamentary. Debate, for me, has been a wonderful conduit to confidence, greater knowledge, important life lessons and a whole lot of fun. So I can’t wait to share my love for it with all of you soon!

Vaishnav Rajkumar

Vaishnav has been debating for over seven years. He is currently the Vice President of the King’s College London Debating Society. Vaishnav was a part of a the UAE National Development Squad, and has won numerous competitions including the Gulf Debates. He has also judged and competed at various competitions at the university level including the Oxford and Cambridge IVs, the London School Of Economics Pro-Am, and the Astana Debate Union Online Competition.


Adiba Ejaz

Hello! I’m Adiba, currently in my 8th year as a debater (rather old and crusty now) and active on the college-level British Parliamentary debate circuit. I just came out of my first year at Columbia University studying math (and a few other things). I did quite a bit of debate in school, starting off in the 6th grade, and am still involved in the activity at college - it’s pretty hard to let go. Previously, I’ve been a member of the UAE World Schools team and led the Modern Debate Society as its President, a commitment I really cherished because it gave me the chance to exchange knowledge and experience with debaters across the spectrum! I’ve both excelled at and  stumbled through several national and international tournaments through the years from which I’ve learned some important lessons - of debate and of character - and I’m glad for the chance to share some of my  naive wisdom with you!

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